Rice price in Norway

Have more accurate data for the Rice (01 Kg) price in Norway?

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The price of Rice (01 Kg) in Norway is 9.327 NOK

Currency Code Symbol Value
Chilean Peso CLP $ 798.792 CLP
Canadian Dollar CAD $ 1.614 CAD
Netherlands Antillean Guilder ANG ƒ 2.737 ANG
Kazakhstani Tenge KZT лв 234.408 KZT
Tongan Paʻanga TOP T$ 2.792 TOP
Nicaraguan Córdoba NIO C$ 38.425 NIO
Other countries Price Compared with
Brazil 7.498 NOK -19.61%
Vanuatu 24.385 NOK 161.44%
Burundi 27.433 NOK 194.12%
Latvia 10.973 NOK 17.65%
Saint Kitts and Nevis 9.937 NOK 6.54%
Sri Lanka 3.353 NOK -64.05%

Rice price comparison chart

The Rice price comparison chart shows that price for Rice (01 Kg) in Norway is 194.12 % lower than the same Rice price in Burundi.