Tomato in Harstad-Narvik, Norway

Have more accurate data for the Tomato (01 Kg) price in Harstad-Narvik?

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The price of Tomato (01 Kg) in Harstad-Narvik, Norway is 32.26 NOK

Currency Code Symbol Value
Falkland Islands Pound FKP £ 3.2634 FKP
Surinamese Dollar SRD $ 17.3754 SRD
Moroccan Dirham MAD د.م. 43.7587 MAD
Turkmenistani Manat TMT T 15.0919 TMT
Philippine Peso PHP 231.2985 PHP
Cambodian Riel KHR 21,182.1296 KHR
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Vardoe 31.66 NOK -1.85%
Vaeroy 32.86 NOK 1.85%
Vadso 32.56 NOK 0.93%
Trondheim 31.07 NOK -3.70%
Tromso 28.38 NOK -12.04%
Svolvaer 32.86 NOK 1.85%

Tomato price comparison chart

The Tomato price comparison chart shows that price for Tomato (01 Kg) in Harstad-Narvik is 1.85 % lower than the same Tomato price in Vaeroy, Norway.